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Great Style

I totally missed the option to buy for two series, could have saved myself a few bucks, but the first one was very good so I could not resist and bought the second one. The only thing is that it is not on epub format so I could not really do the flipping page thing, unless I am missing something. Overall great guide and sooo visually appealing, I love reading/looking at the illustrations when I get stuck in the subway during commute.

Book 1 & 2

I absolutely love these books, they are so well-presented and so clear. I'm eagerly awaiting any other books that Tatan is releasing.


Excellent references

It’s helpful for my wooden sculpture reference in designing characters.

Good source

Its a really good source this e-book about head drawing. It contains many aspects of the head which comes in many publications too short. Especially the neck part ist important to place a well drawn head plausible.

Highly detailed

Having a guide that breaks down the head in such a detailed fashion is incredibly helpful.
I also was pleasantly surprised to see small breakdowns on elves and even zombies, which is great if anyone wants help illustrating their DnD characters!
Overall, I am very happy with my purchase.

Absolutely brilliant

Purchased this to get a better understanding of head shapes, angles etc and it helped me already so much

Great book and very practical

applying the concepts using my reMarkable.

Head Drawing E-BOOK
윤정 이.
I bought it without any hesitation.

Each part is explained in an easy and simple manner, making it very convenient to study while following along. I was concerned that reading in English might be tiring as a Korean, but even just looking at the pictures makes it easy to understand.


This e-book helped so much to understand the structure of the head and I find it quite useful. It’s really easy to understand e to follow the guide, my drawings are improving a lot!

Inspiring book for artist

I am a fast head drawer being a caricature Artist and I will use this book to improve accurate proportion. Recommended!

Simple and helpful

I think the book caters a bit more towards people who already have some of the basics down but it shows how to construct heads without too much explanation. I really like it!

Love it!

Very good for artists like me that need a reminder every now and then on how the face works. Well worth every penny!

Très bon outil !

Un travail impressionnant sur le visage humain, à garder précieusement en référence, même pour un dessinateur averti !

Excellent starting point!

I've been casually animating using FlipaClip for the past 8 months and I've never drawn such quality characters, till now.

Would definitely recommend for anyone struggling to understand how to draw heads from a variety of angles. I'll be sure to use this valuable resource well into the future. Thank you 🙏

Data & details. Pls. more re: dimension

There's so much here. Lots of tips. It's quite good. Yet, all work is mostly done in single weight line. Some info on how to develop line weight to create more dimension would be very helpful.


Handy and usefull guide for any levels! Love it!

Made my life easier

I always looked for practice drawing guides, but mostly I couldn't find specific book which were suitable for my my style. Worth of purchasing ^^ waiting for other guides to, hope it will come out soon

Enjoying Face and Head Drawing

It is easy to download. Just press on the link for 3 seconds and it takes you to download options.
I downloaded it on to my iPad so I could use it with Procreate.
I have the Loomis books but this is easier to use in bed and out and about.
I screenshot the images I want to draw then trace on top to learn.
Then I draw freehand while looking at the image to embed the skill in my memory.
It’s just really great, easy and fun to use.

Head Drawing E-BOOK
Constantin I.
Drawing book


Great Resource

This 200 page pdf is a fantastic resource to have on hand. I put it on my iPad so I can switch to it quickly while working Procreate. Breaks down simple shapes and forms in easily digestible ways. Worth it at the price point!

it was great

i really liked the drawings and how the steps are explained, it is really simple to understand, overall it is great

Head Drawing E-BOOK
Mitchell M.
Excellent reference tool

It wont teach you how to draw the head but it will serve as a good reference tool for planes of the face, difficult angles and helpful queues to bring your head drawings to life. a well made publication.

Good book)

Easy to use hard to learn

A lot of pages, nice work it's helpfull for beginner to learn how to construct head

Head Drawing E-BOOK
Dirceu M.d.S.

The material is very good and has helped me a lot with my drawings, I recommend it to everyone who wants to improve their drawing. Today I can create my characters easily, in addition to having the material to consult whenever I need it. I recommend.