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Hi, I'm tatan

I have always had a strong passion for drawing. I started learning to draw from a young age, and even pursued a degree in Fine Arts in college. Now, I am actively working as an artist.

I've purchased over 200 books from various artists to study drawing. While these books were excellent resources for studying drawing, there was one challenge. Most of the books were part of 1-2 book series, and each artist had their own theories and drawing styles. Therefore, I spent a lot of time connecting the theories and drawings from various artists.

So I made a decision. I decided to create a series of 100 books with my own drawing style and theories. Within this series of 100 books, I aim to cover everything one needs to know when drawing, including faces, hands, bodies, objects, animals, and natural elements. My mission is to help people studying drawing experience fewer trials and errors and study more easily and consistently.